International Women’s Day – Empowering “Digital Presence” for women leaders

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Within a woman, is the power to create, nurture and transform

Sunday, March 8th 1908 marked a significant and historical moment for mankind. 15,000 women marched across New York City to fight for their rights, for better wages, shorter hours and the right to vote. Well, more than a century later, I would say we have evolved so much, positively, albeit at a snail’s pace. Having accorded the greatest respect, women have made exemplary contributions in all spheres of life today, worldwide.

The world must understand that, the need to celebrate women is much more than gender parity, economic stability, dignity, safety and protection. It is to empower women and give them the power to choose. There is no question of capability or comparisons, women are sufficiently skilled. But it is relevant and pertinent to create an environment of socio-economic freedom to make choices and contribute to the society at large. We should be aware of the limitations women deal with and change limitations to opportunities for them.

Women have been subjected to conflicting periods both of subjugation and liberation. India today is different from the ancient times. The times where women were not just celebrated but also venerated for their intellectual as well as creative contributions. ” Rishikas” like Lopamudra, Maitreyi, Aditi, Ghosha, Vivasvathi, Dakshayeni, Savitri, Indrani, Urvashi, Shashwati were powerful women. They made “informed choices” and mastered various sciences, art forms and literary compositions thereon making significant spiritual contributions to the society.

A woman has been valued as a creator, nurturer, partner and decision-maker. Man and Woman have always been thought of as two wheels of a chariot. This concept is in itself thought provoking and influential.

Duniya Gol Hain!… What goes around comes around, they say.

By 2018, compassion and technology have propelled a progressive age enabling our own “Rishikas” to enliven and enrich the society with their intellectual capacities.

We at Dimakh Consultants are proud to be associated with these women pathfinders/trendsetters in their respective professional fields. Each one of them is unique, powerful and striving to do better. In our own small digital way we have supported and contributed to their business ideas.

Happy Womens’ Day to all the women out there!


Aparna Sharma

(Independent Director, Human Resource thought leader)


Ashwini Ternikar

(P R and Advertising Consultant)


Asmita Javdekar

(Writer, founder – atman jewellery)


Asmita Parashar

(Image Coach Consultant)


Bela Shende

(Playback Singer)


Devaki Kunte

(Language Services Bureau)


Ingrid Rasiquinha

(Jt. Managing Director – Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (I) Pvt. Ltd.)


Kailash Nevagi



Minal Joshi

(Entrepreneur – Uzazi – the maternity fashion wear)


Monika Kulkarni

(Entrepreneur – Aajol Day care center)


Mukta Kamplikar

(Human Capital Development Consultant)


Rashmi Kulkarni

(Principal Architect)


Sawani Shende

(Classical Singer)


Sheetal Bapat

(Social Reformer)


Miss J. Simoes

(Principal, Wisdom World School & Director Schools Program)


Sonali Hingorani

(Corporate Leader – S P Jain)


Sonia Patwardhan

(Curator – paintings)


Sujata Mallick Kumar

(Principal St Marys School Pune )


Vaishali Bhagwat

(Practicing Cyber Lawyer)

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