What are the Current Trends in Website Design

current trends

Design everything on the assumption that people are not
heartless or stupid but marvelously capable, given the chance.–John Chris Jones

Designing has evolved dramatically over the decade. Technological leaps have forced people’s perception and understanding of art and design presentations in human life. Imagery and visuals, delight and appeal. Display of words that float and are asymmetrically bound to present add a charm to readers.

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Website design companies focus on trends ranging from structuring formats, to banner designs to icon graphics to color orientation and even FONT! The role of designing has gained paramount importance in the last few years. With a boom of smartphones in India, app designs and UX interaction designing has suddenly gained immense popularity and momentum.

current trends

As a dynamic website design company in Pune, Dimakh Consultants is keen to focus and present these key trend-changing designs in their design deliverables.

The 2018 anxiously brings following 6 evolving user interface design trends!



Say Hello! to the world of DESIGN on the MOVE…

While website design company in Pune, India are still evolving to the global design standards, responsive or mobile based designs are already a norm. With a clear focus to give delightful user experiences to a mobile user first, designing today focus how to layout the product information or web content information of a company in a mobile-friendly way.

       With nearly 76% and above users shifting their user interactions on the devices especially mobile, it is but natural that your website is mobile designed and attractive enough to engage users easily. The webflow primarily looks after the mobile users. UX designing and User Interactions have become pertinent for designers and developers to absorb as an important skill-set. Of course tools like figma, marvel etc make life easier for the designers and their clients.


Interactions today have just shifted with user as a prime focus rather than market the service or product. Do you really have the kind of information or data that ME as a User is searching for? That is the key that is driving the design today.

Website designs currently have extremely user search based UX/UI designs. With mobiles and google search having talking facilities, voice interactions is soon to take over. Till then designs have changed their focus to allow users to make informed choices in seeking information or buying products online. Mailers too have changed the way they interact with their users.

interface design

Homepage designs being just implying information about the business line, rather showcase panels of information as to how the user can engage and make choices. Mere interface designing with a user focus is not enough and hence conversational designs where interactions are sharpened are here to stay and evolve.

At the backend, the trend to use readymade UI softwares and solutions will be an interesting feature to lookout for. Photoshop has some serious competitors coming 2018 onwards.


color color

Glad that colors are back!!!!… With flat design 2.0 pacing fast pastel tones, and flat light block colors is all good to go. Trendy, bright and organic shapes and colors are easily coded thanks to the ever evolving CSS technology. Designers are being more adventurous by throwing vivid and gradient colors in their UI designs. Gradient colors played a very minimalistic role in 2017, but 2018 flush and hot colors are back. Striking visual treatment is a must when designers think of giving a design brand for their client’s online interactions.

     As a website design company in Pune that focuses on regional taste, this could be a bit tricky to get use users to have bright and lively colors on their websites.


WHoA!… There! Asymmetry in design just shifted to words. Fonts are suddenly in focus. With huge and colorful tag lines big and bold fonts surely are catching the user eye.


While design gained prominence till the device trend arrived, content today is at the center. Dealing with multi level browsers and platforms like Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer, Opera, Mac Safari, readability is very critical. Font selection is very important. Thanks to Google fonts we as designers do get a myriad of choices to have a website with neat, clean and crisp serif and non-serif fonts. Neo San Serif fonts like Dosis, Helvitica, Arial etc are still the kingpins. Serif fonts like georgia, roboto etc still have a tough time to be powerful and engaging on the websites.

BOLD and LOUD Typography is in vogue. Bold trends in customized fonts is seen since legibility of the font is very important for device centric designs.

5. WOW! ANIMATIONS are BACK albeit in VIDEO element Forms

Yes, Animated stuff never really went. Whilst designers just could not do with flash a few years back, CSS and Scripts just washed it out from the market a decade back.

With multi browsers playing the ruler, it has been nearly 10 years that website design evolved focusing on how design can interact with the user albeit with silence. With trends settling especially having responsive centric designs, animated and tell-story format is back.


HTML 5 /css3, 5 support for video elements to be embedded at the background has been a path-breaking technology as far as website designers are concerned. Visual elements or Graphics in steps is no longer appealing. What gives a WOW factor is a real time real show video of the service or the product and has the highest user engagement. While jpeg, jpg, png file formats are still staying, SVG formats will play a very big role in getting images crisp and clear on the web pages. Their vector properties make it highly scalable and popular for device designing.

Not very popular amongst the Indian crowd because of technical issues of bandwidth, video embed elements is sure to catch with website design companies in Pune.


Visual design is ever evolving and will surely stay with the way devices have entered our lives. Having a website today is not just a norm but a compulsive marketing strategy. In 2018, it is predicted to see how website designs engage the user with logical and beautiful information.

So, the need of the hour is to have a perfect blend of DATA and VISUAL designs.

Infographics and illustration are critical today in product based website designs. Not only data showcase is important for a simple website, it is becoming the key market player for e-commerce, application based websites as well.

A lot of engineering or product driven companies have a huge data to be told to their users. The data information is indeed large but equally complex. So designers today do face this problem of showing lots of information that is not only engaging to the users but beautiful too! It is here that INFOGRAPHICS will play a critical role. Statistical data cannot be read in long pages. It is here that graphics and drawings will help user focus on key contents.

      data understanding

  1. Data Understanding


      content architecture

      2. Content Architecture


      visual design support

     3. Visual Design Support


     beautiful information

      4. Beautiful Information

A story board with clean and to the point visual design pockets, graphic sketches or drawings will rank the website higher in user engagement. Illustrations or pen drawings no longer seem comic or kid stuff. To engage users and make it playful, illustrations are used in small measures to drive across interactions of the web users.

Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.–Massimo Vignelli

All in all a cherry time for designers in 2018. Customer delightful experience converts to a lifetime customer.

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