Technology and Artificial Intelligence rule Online selling -the art of digital marketing


Technological momentum is not showing any trends of having a slowdown in the near future. Moreso, the use of different technological online platforms are the kingmakers of your company’s marketing strategy. A youthful product, digital marketing is here to stay and how!. It is the very dominant factor in the entire industrial cycle of buying and selling online.

Prominence of Digital Marketing. The What and How of Online Branding and Selling.

Online marketing was merely restricted to having your brand’s website just a couple of years back. ONLINE PRESENCE was mere enough for users to register brands rather than ONLINE VISIBILITY to stay on the pages and be converted to Probable customers.

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Devices, especially Mobiles have been the game changers. With the inflow of things received at one click and your presence to remote areas via various social networked platforms, 2017-18 saw the emergence DIGITAL MARKETING as the answer to your online conversions. As more and more people spend time on the mobiles and laptops, it became evident that the traditional method of marketing failed to garner footfalls there by increasing the percent of serious buyers.

Digital marketing in simple words means ALL the efforts that marketing strategists use via ALL kinds of Electronic and Internet mediums or devices. Leveraging on various digital medium and channels like search engines, social media, email, and their websites, businesses are fast changing their marketing plan to connect with current and prospective customers.

why of digital marketing
The best tools or tactics to use for your Digital Marketing. What to do to increase my business goals, my visibility and convert potential customers to serious buyers.

Digital Marketing is for EVERY BUSINESS ANY INDUSTRY. Irrespective of what your company sells, Digital Marketing involves building a consumer base leading to convertible customers. The marketing strategy may differ but yes! Each company today must include a broad Digital Marketing Plan backed with a mobile marketing plan as well for their businesses to do well.

Artificial Intelligence has literally anchored all of the online marketing channels be it visibility for rendering a Product sales or any service to be given. AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered marketing solutions like personalized search results, recommendations, voice inputs will soon take over the traditional digital marketing methods of Advertising.

As of January 2019, below are the trending digital marketing tactics that a digital marketing company can implement.

1. CONTENT – THE BOSS, BLOG the front-runner
content front-runner

Content is still the most important driving force for users. The way the content is being drafted and designed for Responsive websites will channelize supportive online collaterals. RELEVANT CTA’s (Call to Action buttons) render the highest conversion rates for users. Blog writing or blogging is great for increasing your organic user traffic.

Accompanied with a strong SEO and keyword strategy it is sure to multiply your user base. Another trending feature in the content strategy is the emergence of DESIGNING THE CONTENT – that is having INFOGRAPHICS relevant to your content.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO - Technical

The heart of Online Marketing, SEO has become more structured, organized and accurate. With leading search engines simplifying the result orientation by having effective policies and rules, SEO generated content yields positive influence on the user intelligence.

Accurate titles, Keyword based content, Key phrases density and image titles all boost your ranking of the websites. Additionally Responsive website designs and SSL certifications of your servers are given high value in search engine results especially the leader Google.

While keyword based SEO is the most Organic method of online advertisement of your product or service, other collaterals add value to your marketing strategy. Since there are no push and pull methods now, in-bound and out-bound marketing will add benefit to your online ROI’s. Online Marketers use other collateral campaign methods to amass Online Lead Generations.

Following are the methods that can be used for lead generations:
  • email-marketing      Email Marketing or Emailer
  • newsletter     Newsletter
  • module app design     Module App designs
  • live chat     Live Chats
  • webinar  Webinars
  • case study     Case Study or research PDF all encompass the larger picture of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • pay-per-click     Pay-Per-Click (PPC – Paid ads on Facebook. Promoted Tweets on Twitter, Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn.) campaigns the most popular being google ad words

Search Based Websites: Search driven websites will find greater user engagement especially for the buying audience. Search based websites need to be conversing with their users. Hence Responsive or Mobile based conversational interface designs will attract more % of users. It would mean that all the ads, web pages, social media ads, and other digital engagement modules should be optimized for mobile devices. As an extension of digital marketing, a mobile app will turn into a fruitful engagement with your users if they are able to know your brand or shop your products.

Videos : Videos ensure optimum level of user entertainment and engagement. Highly visually appealing, content will seek minimal attention. Since the videos ably supported by audios are greatest communication channels, they will help companies achieve brand growth and position their USP across all media platforms. Moreover today with ease of technology, video production cost is no longer a critical factor.

ChatBots : From predefined data input to engaging users at real time, this will be the feature probably of Digital Marketing 2019. The way the user uses his/her preferences determines the buying or decision pattern. Whilst forms and online or live chats were made available for frequent interactions with user, it did not have relevant answer to the query posed frustrating the user to a large extent. With preferential data collected today, it is much easier for online marketing to guide users to their most needed data. Also, comparative analysis and display has been noted to increase user engagement. Personalized conversational websites are sure to be the game-changers!

Data Analysis or Machine Learning: There is a huge data available in Web world that can be used and structured. Google, Facebook have been successful in collating personal information to the extent of making user experiences delightful and easy.


Social Media forms a strong base for any kind of advertisement OUTREACH. Primarily Social Media is used This practice promotes your brand and your content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your business.

The channels you can use in social media marketing include: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Blog, Pinterest, Google+.


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